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You are what you practice

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Do you wake up late, or barely wake up at all hitting the snooze button repeatedly? Do you exercise regularly or once every 3 months? Do you say everyday I’m so bored or are you appreciating what you have?

Of course we would like a great life, and we want more great things in our life.. But you are what you practice.

If one day I told you I want to be really healthy and have a great job. And then for five years I kept saying that but still I rarely exercised, didnt experiment with better eating habits, never practiced job interviewing, or applying to jobs weekly and still I said I want to be healthy and have a great job, would you believe me?

You shouldn’t.

Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt at first, but we have been told a thousand times growing up if we want to be good at something we have to practice. And our everyday life is no different.

If you truly want something, anything, you need to practice what it takes to get there and practice living like you were already there.

Many people want a better job, but how many times have you practiced job interviewing? You could be an underwhelming candidate on paper and crush the job interview easily to get any job. But have you practiced to become a great interviewer?

Who doesnt want more money? I wouldn’t mind a little more. But I still have to catch myself in the trap of practicing things a poor person would do. Instead of practicing more habits that the financially wealthy do.

And don’t overestimate the little stuff here either. Is a little white lie really a big deal? YES. When you understand you are what you practice it’s a huge deal. Practice honesty, facing the truth, dealing with reality, and moving forward.

If you want a better job, practice being a better candidate.

If you want more money, first get specific about how much you actually need and want, and then practice what it takes to have it.

If you want an amazing relationship, practice being someone who is amazing to be in a relationship with.

Don’t be discouraged that it takes practice to get better, be excited that you can improve any area of your life with regular, consistent practice.

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