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Change your oil, change your life

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

I know what you’re thinking.

“You got it!”

“Here’s to the new me!!...”


I promise you, that’s not it..

But fortunately it literally takes a five minute youtube video and or a google search with your vehicle's’ make and model to figure out how to change your oil right now. Or you can ask someone you know who knows how to change oil to show you. Or call any local car parts store and ask if someone would show you how, and offer to pay them to show you. It is truly something everyone can learn, and should learn, so go do it.

I know what any entrepreneur or business person would say right now...

“What an idiot.. That’s a $20 an hour job! My time is far more valuable than that!”

You’re wrong.

Maybe when you are working hard on the important things in your life or on your business your time is worth more.. But many of us still spend hours a day doing $0 an hour tasks like watching netflix and checking how many comments we get on our myspace…

That’s still a thing, right?


The point is this.. I can guarantee the same person who would be pissed I would even suggest doing such low return task is still doing some of that $0 an hour work.. Everyday.

And here is the real punch-line.

The return you get from changing your oil far outweighs the assumed hourly rate of the task.

Of course you learn about caring for something, experience a little manual labor, and enjoy the benefit of being able to perform important vehicle maintenance. But most importantly instead of doing other stuff that wastes your money and is unfulfilling, you are able to consistently achieve a small win that builds self-confidence, saves you money in the long run, builds momentum, inspires you to take action, and motivates you to dominate your next task.

Do not underestimate the benefits here.

Sure.. you can just perform an easy task within your career or usual daily chores and get SOME of the same benefits. But it’s not the same.

And DO NOT be fooled by your own limiting beliefs about gender..

If you’re a woman, be excited!

I promise you the fact that this is something stupidly associated with a man’s chore will make the benefits of completing this task for 5x, 10x, 25x.. stronger for you specifically!

There is something ridiculously satisfying about achieving a win in an area of our life that we do not specialize in. And the benefits cannot be overstated.

What areas of your life can you get out of your comfort zone, learn something new, and accomplish a small win that has low risk and massive upside?

It’s worth thinking about… but for now, start with changing your oil.

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