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Do the opposite

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

When everyone is saying you're doing great, be afraid.

When you see everyone selling a stock. Buy

When everyone thinks the best jobs are in New York, go work in Montana.

When everyone says maxing out your IRA is crucial. Reduce how much you put in your IRA and spend more money on what you love today.

If you want to work out and you have a specific schedule, with how many times a week you need to work out… stop planning it. Work out when you want to.

When you believe you need alone time, go spend time with the people you love.

When something seems obvious or certain about how to get some outcome, practice thinking about and even doing the opposite every once in a while.

More often than not things not only work out ok, you end up finding the opposite approach gets you the outcome you were looking for the whole time.. You were just following the wrong instructions.

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