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I'm going to butcher this... but Casey Neistat was once asked by a fan if they could tell him about their great idea for a business. His response was, “I don't want to hear about your idea, or anyone else's idea. Ideas are easy. Execution is everything. I don't even like hearing about what people want to achieve, show me how you executed or implemented your idea. Show me what interesting thing you have done. That is something I would love to see..."

He said it much better, it was much more sincere and empathetic than it sounds.. but it's honest and true.

No one should get acknowledged or praised for a good idea. But you can change the world if you can figure out how to execute your ideas. Or partner with someone who can.

Hell even a bad idea, well executed is 1,000 times better than a good idea that you will never act on.

A few examples...

I would argue SpaceX is bad idea, Virgin Atlantic airlines was a bad idea, The snuggie is a bad idea, yellow smiley face is a bad idea, and the pet rock is definitely a bad idea.. but all of these ideas have been massively successful. In case you were wondering the guy who invented the pet rock made over 15 million dollars from his execution on his terrible idea...

I'm not saying go out and try to execute on every terrible idea you have... but I am emphasizing that executing, and acting on even a bad idea is always better than just talking about an amazing idea that you will never act on.

Ideas are easy, execution is everything.

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