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Gamble on yourself, your life is worth it

Get a job with results based pay.

One of the biggest drains of your energy, your happiness, your potential, and your freedom is every job that is not results based.

So… basically 80% of jobs that exist in this country….

I got very, veryyy lucky for my first job.

Well, luck.. coupled with nepotism..

Just kidding Mom..

I was one of the few…

the proud…

the people who wear jean shorts, and run from dogs.

That’s right baby. Yours truly braving the harsh conditions and delivering your mail,

right into your neighbors mailbox.

Despite how much I wined about my job at the time, it was pretty damn cool. But mainly because I learned some of the most valuable life lessons from my time with the united states postal service.

My biggest take-away?

Hourly pay (and general salary pay) is a huge incentive for your employees to not work hard. (Along with a lot of other typical tactics used by most employers)

Time is the most precious resource you have. Time is not money.. It is INFINITELY more valuable than money…

So why in the world are most jobs incentivizing you to spend more hours in the seat, for you to get paid more?

Why do you get paid based of the amount of time you spend… wasting time?

Look, some people love their job. They work hard, and get rewarded fairly and if so that’s great. This post isn’t for you.

But if you are anything like me, I thought after years of working my ass off to do more work, at a better quality, and faster so I could get home and still have free time that mayyybe my managers would notice and be happy.

Was I rewarded, in any way?

Not at all.. Since we were all hourly employees I would be doing my job walking around delivering mail, meanwhile as I worked I would see many employees enjoying a two hour lunch at their houses during the day, and talking for 45 minutes at a local bar like their in an episode of cheers.. And sure enough, as I would consistently finish my work well over two hours ahead of everyone else and preparing to go home.. whos work would I have to go take because they couldn’t finish in time?

All the slackers who are taking advantage of the broken system.

I knew going forward I would work very hard to get a results based job. One that incentivized hard work, quality work, and one that allowed me to enjoy my free time that I deserve if I outwork others..

See, I definitely do not believe we all deserve more money.

In fact, I think most people deserve less money.. But I absolutely believe we all deserve the right to do what we want with our free time (as long as we aren’t breaking laws, using any drugs, hurting people, or being a weirdo).

You might think a results-based job is a pipe-dream but it’s not. And I strongly encourage you to find a job that offers results-based pay, or renegotiate your own job to be a results based one.

The most common examples are sales jobs.

But there are plenty of other options, and ways to negotiate these incentives into your current job(s).

Understand the trade-off here.. It’s easy to see the decrease in base pay and go ehhh it’s just to risky..


It’s too risky to take a job where you have control over your own pay!?

Man I hope you aren’t serious..

The point is, results based jobs allow you to earn more depending upon how well you work, Not how long you work.

If I deliver mail.. And I learn that I can save 50 minutes a day by keeping my truck keys on an extending chain outside my pocket that extends while staying attached to me, as opposed to pulling keys in and out of my pocket everytime I get to my vehicle, and I learn that If hold the mail up higher in my arms I can prepare the mail for each house while walking, without taking my eyes off where I am going, and this saves me 1 hour and 10 minutes a day.. Shouldn’t I not only be allowed to go home early when I finish 2 hours before everyone, and not only get to enjoy my free-time, but shouldn’t I get a bonus for saving the company money and doing my job more efficiently.

That was a rhetorical question this time.. The answer is obviously yes.

While many foolish companies still offer hourly pay, there are plenty of results based jobs out there and I urge you to seek them out.

You can not only earn more money by figuring out more effective ways to work,

you earn far more free time by figuring out more efficient ways to work.

And with your time you can do whatever you want.. Enjoy your hobbies, spend time with friends and family, get a fun side-job, pursue your favorite passion that doesn’t earn you a lot of money.. Yet.

Accept less money up front..

The trade-off is worth it.

You will make that money back with your productivity, and you will enjoy more of your free time.

Which is far more valuable than the money.

Learn more on this:

Video: Pareto Principle explained

Video: Scott Trench on BP podcast

Video: Perry Marshall 80/20 on BP podcast

I looked into resources and most articles explain this from an employers perspective and say results based pay doesn't work, causes extra stress to employees, and is "discriminatory to the average worker".... which is the exact reason this works.

Why would you want a pay-structure that encourages average employees to be average and to work all day, supposedly stress-free as an average employee.

Also, you will experience extra stress at first because you will not be good at this. It will take time for you to figure out how to be an efficient and effective worker so that you can systemize your work better and experience better results while gaining more free time. See the Pareto Principle (80/20) rule

It isn't a pipe-dream.. it just takes work to get there.

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