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How I eat

Updated: Apr 4, 2018


Time-Restricted (Includes eating and drinking)

- Typically within an 8-10 hour window

- 12:00pm-9:00pm

-Water is the only exception which I drink all day


- Because of Dr Satchin Panda's research:

- Because it takes advantage of the many benefits of fasting:

- Feels good for me

What I eat:

I try to adhere to a modified anti-inflammatory way of eating, this pyramid is a great image to follow. Though I don't pay attention to the servings so much, and I don't eat nearly that many carbs. My focus is always reducing processed, manufactured, or refined foods. We eat far too much sugar and carbs even healthy carbs I don't feel we need as much as we have relied on. And to NEVER drink anything but water, green tea, black coffee and occasionally some alcohol.

So based on my genetics, what I enjoy, and what feels best.. my body runs best if I eat relatively low carbs, almost no sugar, only drink water or green tea, and eat more fat.

(Some people don't do as well, specifically if you're more of a power, speed, and strength person genetically based on the type of muscle fibers and whether your body performs better anaerobically or aerobically you might do better with carbs.. HEALTHY ONES.)

Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid:


I am clearly not a doctor. I am explaining what I do and why. This is all for informational purposes only. I don't care what you do, I do not, and have not ever judged others for what they choose to do or eat. This is all personal preference. I am concerned with what I eat and drink not what anyone else is doing other than for the reason of me wanting others to feel good and live a better quality of life.


I am a lot like the amazing football coach who couldn't make the high school team, or the pro swim coach who looks like they're drowning if they actually got in the pool.

Like everything in life I am constantly working to improve and to follow what I know and what makes me feel good. I can easily eat a large pizza, and wings or bags of chips and I do.. and I'm quickly reminded how bad it makes me feel and I work to get back to what feels good. It's the progress and the pursuit of constantly improving your health that matters and that includes not letting your interest in health get in the way of a healthy life. I don't let my care to be healthy interrupt every family birthday party, or times out with friends.. I eat the cake occasionally, I'll have wings and beer with friends because nutrition is just a part of health. Total health includes, mental, emotional, physical health and that includes how you live, the relationships you nurture and maintain.

Easy to miss:

Don't froget. Nutrition and health in general is a bit like investing... you invest money ultimately to make more money, so that you can improve your quality of life right?

So if you can invest, and live a healthy life, and maybe make a modest gain afters years or decades of letting the investment compound, great!

But if putting money into stocks, means you all of sudden aren't sleeping, you're constantly checking your phone and watching tv every chance you get to see where stocks are, you're caring less for your overall health in pursuit of the dollar.. you forgot the point.

A better quality of life.

The same goes for nutrition.

Don't forget the point.

We pursue a healthy life-style to have a better quality of life. So don't let anything interrupt that. Even your care for health or nutrition.

*I hope this helps, I will absolutely be coming out with an E-book to get more into the details on health and nutrition. I love these topics and I have a very hard time not going into great depth so an E-book will certainly help for anyone who wants more on this.

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