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Overnight Success

Getting your dream job

Making a bunch of money

Having the perfect relationship

Even getting your body where you want it..

It would be nice if we could have overnight success in all areas of our life.

But overnight success is really just a result of everyday practice.

Success can appear overnight, and should appear overnight to everyone else because they haven't seen you working each day for years to improve.

You might not think you can get the body you want, but you can probably find thirty minutes today to exercise right?

How about tomorrow?

Most people give up on their goals because they think about how difficult it would be to achieve them this year... But wouldn't you rather work for thirty minutes everyday to guarantee getting in great health and the body you want in the next 3 years?

Same goes for your job, your income, your relationships and everything else..

Don't be distracted by everyone showing their illusions of massive success with their micro outbursts. No tweet, snapchat, or instagram post with well-lit photography, fake happiness, and a cheesy sub-text is telling you the real story.

These are all examples of people who already lost.. they gave up on the grind of working hard consistently, and now they give in to their temptations to fake the success they wanted, each day, without any of the actual work.

Don't try to achieve your goal today, or this year, or the next

Figure out what it will actually take,

Plan it in steps/ phases,

Make it a 5+ year plan,

Then ask what you could do today to keep you on pace to achieve your goal in 5 years.

Here is the trick, you stick to that routine, and work hard consistently, sometimes it is easier than others.. but stick to a routine that guarantees you will achieve your goals in 5-10 years or more.

When you are working hard at achieving your goals, which you will achieve in that time-frame, because you are putting yourself out there each day and working, you find more opportunities that you wouldn't have before. These opportunities might seem irrelevant and some are, but some are like rocket boosters that propel you forward..

These opportunities are hidden from those who aren't working.

This is why the term overnight success exists, this is why people still call others lucky constantly.

They are unable to see the work put in to achieve, so they are certain your success is luck, or something overnight...

Hall of fame golfer Gary Player said it best as a young golfer when a man saw him hole out three shots in a row from a sand bunker during practice and the man walked over to Player and told him, he has never seen anyone so lucky in his entire life.

Player responded,

"Well, the harder I practice, the luckier I get."

The same is true for you.

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

And those who don't work even for 5 minutes everyday on their goals, will never experience the "luck" they are certain you have been blessed with.

Determine what you want, plan how to achieve it, and work at it everyday, consistently.

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