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The 40% Rule

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

In case you didn't know.. I'm sort of a fan of David Goggins. (The guy on the right)

I'll be brief because this doesn't need a whole lot of words.

Take this rule into your life. Remember it. Use it. Say it. Practice it. Whatever you can do, to never forget this rule. Do it.

When I first heard this it absolutely set me on fire, and drove me to push way harder in everything that I do and I constantly remind myself of this rule as often as possible.

In an interview I heard David Goggins say his 40% rule, which is this:

When you feel like you have given 100%, you're totally dead, completely exhausted, and given everything you can possibly give mentally, emotionally, and physically..

the truth is you're really only at 40%.

Learn more on this:

Article: The Hustle - The 40% rule

Article: Forbes - The 40% rule

Video: Interview with Jesse Itzler who invited Goggins to live with him for 30 days

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