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The most important myth of the day

You might be familiar with the saying, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

But why?

Well, the story is actually pretty interesting and much better told by Mike Rowe on his podcast The Way I Heard it as seen here:

But I’ll summarize..

Around 1928 the Beech-nut packing company had a big pig surplus. And they hired a man named Eddie to solve the problem.

Naturally Eddie figured the solution was simple.

Sell more bacon.

There was only one problem. When polled, most Americans confessed their primary breakfast included just a cup of coffee.

Eddie, asked 5,000 physicians what was healthier. A very light breakfast or a hearty breakfast?

The findings weren’t anything amazing other than the doctors concluded a heartier breakfast was more likely to be healthier. Eddie didn’t hesitate to reach out to every major news outlet and media around, publishing articles with this title,

“9 out of 10 Doctors agree, a hearty breakfast will improve your health.”

Soon after, bacon sales soared and Eddie was paid handsomely by Beech-nut. He would experience similar success with the tobacco industry and many others to follow. Getting hired to solve problems, and creating solutions by strategically staging people and using clever or misleading wording to get a result. Then.. getting paid handsomely for it.

In 1928 Eddie published a book describing his tactics in his book titled propaganda.

Eventually Adolf Hitler grew a liking to Eddie’s book, and Adolf would later use many of the tactics described in propaganda to trick and influence people throughout the war.

Being a master at his profession Eddie sensed the trouble of being associated with Adolf Hitler and created a new name for his line of work.

Public relations.

Don’t get me wrong I love breakfast foods.. But I have seen little data supporting anything about breakfast actually being healthy.

And in fact I have seen much more impressive data showing the benefits of fasting, and how healthy skipping breakfast could actually be for you.

Couple that with the fact that Americans prevalence of heart disease and diabetes since around 1940 have increased consistently around the time breakfast and processed foods became very popular.. And I would say, the common saying might not be a myth after all.

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day… But it’s important because it might be the one that we should be skipping.

Learn more on this:

Podcast: Mike Rowe - The Way I Heard It

Tedtalk: Health Lies in Circadian Habits

Youtube: Intermittent Fasting

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