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What's the risk

Updated: May 22, 2018

If you choose incorrectly you could end up losing your job. Or maybe you will miss out on the great benefits and 401k. You might end up wasting a few years. People might look down on you. You might not love your choice after you make it. You might feel awkward or embarrassed. You wont be able to put enough in your retirement account each month. What if you end up wishing you made a different choice? You might not be making the safe choice. You have bills to pay you know, you can't just not pay your bills... can you? You have your whole life to choose, you can just wait until tomorrow, or next year...

You need to think about the risk. Don't just choose carelessly. Weigh the risk.

Except, the only real risk is not making a choice.

Not taking action.

What you chose is actually irrelevant.

How soon you make a choice, and take action is crucial.

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